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Downloading an update for Fast-Flex Plus

The Fast-Flex Plus Version 2019 is a minor update to, and replaces,  Version 2018.  Version 2019 contains all of the Windows 10 improvements in prior versions, was published March 1, 2019, and contains the following features, recent additions, and improvements:


*  Includes 2019 Sample Herculean Tire Company data for practice and testing

*  Includes NEW 2019 Federal Income Tax Withholding tables and FICA wage base amounts.  (Additional State Tax tables can be easily updated with information found 


*  Fully compatible with Windows® 10. 


*   Can be installed on a standalone computer's "C:" drive or on a shared network drive.



To update your Fast-Flex Plus, please follow these steps:

Step 1.
Use your browser’s print button to print a copy of this page for reference!

Step 2.
Right-click on the existing Fast-Flex Plus start menu or desktop icon. Click on "Properties". Make a note of the program folder path shown in the "Start in" box.

Step 3. 
Click here for the most current Fast-Flex Plus upgrade. Select "Download" this file rather than the "Open With..." option in the dialog box.  

Step 4.
After the download completes (you might need to look for FFPRO3DL.exe in your Downloads folder or in the lower left corner of your browser) double-click on it and then ignore Window's warning that it has "Protected" your PC (it doesn't recognize Fast-Flex Plus) and click "More Info" then "Run Anyway", if asked.

 Next, Click on the "No-Questions-Asked Installation" button if the value of the "Start in" box from Step 2 is "C:\Program Files\FFPRO4" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4"


If the value of the "Start in" box from Step 2 is NOT "C:\Program Files\FFPRO4" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4", then click the "Advanced Options Installation" button and enter the value of the "Start in" box into the "Program Files Folder" box, the "Common Files folder" box, and the "User data folder" box.  (Note:  You might first need to clear out the "garbage" in both the "Common Files folder" and "User data folder" fields by placing the cursor at the beginning of each field and pressing the "Shift+End" key combo and then pressing the  "Delete" Key.)


Step 5. Click the "Proceed" button twice to complete the installation.

Step 6
. If, during the installation, you are told that some of your system files are out of date, this is normal and you will need to let Fast-Flex Plus restart your computer in order to continue with the installation. Start over with Step 3, above, after re-booting your system.

If you experience any difficulties installing Fast-Flex Plus, please refer to this URL:

Step 7.
Once installation is complete, Fast-Flex Plus will start on its own. You can immediately tell if your update has been successful because the "Flexing Arm" title screen should now show "Version 2019".


Step 7a.   *IMPORTANT*  If you are installing Fast-Flex Plus for the first time, or if the previous version Fast-Flex Plus program (*.exe) files are NOT installed on your C: drive, you can ignore ALL of the following instructions and skip to Step 8!

The following applies only to those who have entered their own data into previous versions of Fast-Flex Plus, and that data is found on their C: drive in a location other than C:\..\[My] Documents\FFP.  If your Fast-Flex Plus data is already found in C:\..\[My] Documents\FFP, Skip to Step 8.

Background:  Beginning with Windows XP, Microsoft "suggested" (but did not require) that all user-created data be placed only in the C:\..\[My] Documents folder or on a disk drive other than C:.  In recent iterations and updates to Windows, this "suggestion" has become a requirement!  To maintain compatibility with older installations of Fast-Flex Plus, we have worked around this for some time by giving our customers instructions to run Fast-Flex Plus with "Administrator" privledges, but even that has become unreliable and unsupportable.


Beginning with version 2017.B of Fast-Flex Plus, all data will be written to the

"[My] Documents" folder if (as is normally the case) you use the default installation and install Fast-Flex Plus to your C: drive.  The default installation location will continue to be C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4.  But beginning with Version 2017.B, all employee records and transaction data will be automatically placed in C:\..\[My] Documents\FFP rather than in a data subfolder of C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4.




7b.  Exit Fast-Flex Plus and Start Windows File (not Internet) Explorer    


7c.  Installing Version 2017.B and higher of Fast-Flex Plus will automatically create the following folder on your C drive:

    C:\..\[My] Documents\FFP.  


7d.  Our sample data (HERCYY) will be placed into the data subfolder:     

    C:\..\[My] Documents\FFP\HERCYY.  

7e.  Using that structure as a guide, you need to use Windows File Explorer to "drag and drop" (or for better safety, "Copy and Paste") YOUR data folders into: C:\..\[My] Documents\FFP also.  For example, if you have an existing data folder:  C:\Program Files (x86)\FFPRO4\WMART17, then drag that WMART17 folder and ALL of its contents to C:\..\[My] Documents\FFP such that it now looks like:  C:\..\[My] Documents\FFP\WMART17.

7f.  Repeat for each of YOUR active data folders.  (This might prove to be a good opportunity for "housecleaning".  Only move the data folders you are regularly using.  You might consider deleting or archiving the rest.) 

Let us know if you are having any issues.  As always, have a supply of current data backups beforehand in case some folders don't make the "trip" from one folder to another!

We apologize for this inconvenience.  It wasn't our idea, and it caused us a lot of programing work, but in the end the purpose is to make your computer safer by controlling where data can be placed on your C: drive.  

Let us know if we can help!



Step 8. The updated Fast-Flex Plus printable User's Manual (manual.pdf) will be found in the "Start in" box folder mentioned in Step 2. The Manual is in Adobe's Acrobat Reader format, so you will need to double-click the file named "manual.pdf" with Windows Explorer to load it into the Adobe Acrobat Reader. From there you can view and print it. Note: If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, a free download is available at:

If you experience difficulties installing Fast-Flex Plus, please refer to this URL: