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Flex Accounts


The Flexible Spending Account Administration Solution

Frequently Asked Questions

General product and service questions:

Can I try your Flex-Plan administration software (Fast-Flex Plus) before I buy?

How much does your Flex-Plan administration software (Fast-Flex Plus) cost?

How do I upgrade my Fast-Flex Plus software to handle more Flex Plan participants?

How do I receive product support, upgrades, and answers to my questions?

Do you have an Operator's Manual that explains your software and flex plans?

How do I purchase additional access time for Fast-Flex Plus after the 90-day trial?

How do I purchase attorney-prepared cafeteria plan document templates?

Can I contact some of your references and customers?

What is your privacy policy with respect to information I provide to you?


General cafeteria benefit plan administration questions:

Where can I get a free Summary Plan Description template to customize?

How do I set up a cafeteria plan in my organization?

Where can I locate the IRS code for Sec. 125 Cafeteria Benefit Plans?

What defines a "key" employee?

How do I perform "Discrimination Testing" for IRS compliance?

Who can participate in a Sec. 125 Cafeteria Plan?

What is the difference between FSA, HRA, and HSA plans?

Which over-the-counter medications can be reimbursed with a flex plan?

Can I still spend FSA funds after the end of the plan fiscal year?

Can I change my FSA withholding election(s) in the middle of the year?


Specific Fast-Flex Plus operational questions:

How do I start using Fast-Flex Plus RIGHT NOW!?

How do I start using Fast-Flex Plus in the middle of a fiscal year?

Does Fast-Flex Plus have integrated Debit Card capabilities?

How do I import data from my HR or Payroll software into Fast-Flex Plus?

How do I transfer an FSA plan participant to an affiliated company?

How do I generate year-to-date statements to be e-mailed or posted to the web?

How do I suppress the printing of any social security numbers on reports?

How does Fast-Flex Plus work with "Premium-Only" (POP) plans?

How does Fast-Flex Plus work with Sec. 132 "Transportation" plans?

How do I start a NEW fiscal year for Fast-Flex Plus?

Why am I getting an "Outside of Fiscal Year" message?

How do I upgrade my DOS version of Fast-Flex Plus to the Windows version?

How do I update my Windows version of Fast-Flex Plus to the current version?

Why can't I reconcile my bank statement in Fast-Flex Plus?

How can I preview "flex-plan" reimbursement checks prior to printing them?

Can I re-print reimbursement checks without creating duplicate transactions?

What are my options for reimbursing qualified expenditures with Fast-Flex Plus?

Why won't my printer work with Fast-Flex Pro for DOS?

Why won't my word processor display Fast-Flex Plus for Windows reports?

Why won't Fast-Flex Plus issue reimbursement checks for some employees?

Why are projected medical withholdings being mis-calculated by Fast-Flex Plus?

How do I install Fast-Flex Plus to a network?

How do I move Fast-Flex Plus to a new computer?

Why am I getting Error 401 "Cannot Locate Wordprocessor"?

How do I update the income tax withholding tables?

I get a "Record in Use" message and I can't edit or view this transaction

How and when can I remove a terminated employee from the database?

I need to change data sent to the SmartFlex debit card

How do I remove Fast-Flex Plus from my computer?


For any other questions:

I need to contact you with a "support" question not covered here

I need to contact you with a "sales-related" question